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Sunday, 7 August 2011

My work this week :) - lots of pictures

I had a busy week at work this week, topped of with a visit to the Mad Quilters Gathering at Panthers, which was great.  Admission fee was $5- parking fee was zero,great start lots of lovely stores set up.  Lovely things to see, there was workshops offered, and I hope that it will happen again next year....well done to the organisers.

So while I was there yesterday I met Karen from The Stitching Post  who are located in Katoomba in the beautiful Blue Mountains.  I came across Karen via a phone call about Nancy Halvorsen's Cider Mill Road fabric, and I quilt I found in an old Australian Patchwork and Quilting Magazine which jumped off the page and said make me.  The quilt is Vintage Dresden Roses by Ruth Bucanan.  I tell you its not that often that this happens, but this one just jumped off the page.  Anyway to cut a long storey short, I have a confession to make......I'm kinda colour blind.  Well I can see colours just cant see the tones, what I think goes together doesnt lol....my husband will tell you that.  I cant tell the difference between some blues and greens, reds and burgandys, creams browns the list is endless lol.  When I cross stitch if I buy the kits with the cotton just mushed together, I throw it out and get the skeins with the numbers on it so I know what is what. I always have to make sure that the design has the DMC numbers on it to get the cotton.   If its obvious then I can see it but if its just a shade of two different they look the same to me.  So after telling Karen this she wonderfully put a kit for it together, I told her that I liked the look of that fabric, and could she please work it out :)

So this is what I got 

 Also this is what arrived in the mail this week

My show and tell for the week.  Part of my Christmas Quilt Block of the Month that I found a few weeks ago.

To my new followers welcome and to everyone else please have a great week.

That's enough from me

Happy Stitching

Pam xx 


  1. You've got a lovely selection of fabrics, I am particularly fond of Fig Tree ones... that looks like an interesting Christmas quilt that you are working on

  2. Love the fabrics, Pam! And I also really like the embroidered sayings. They will look great in a quilt. :)

  3. Great fabrics Pam....and your stitching is lovely....

  4. Pam I just love your fabric.


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