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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Not much from me this week

Not alot done this week, had Son #1, his girlfriend and his best mate here most of the weekend for his birthday.....oh and to all who wished him Happy Birthday he says thanks heaps :)  This year he had a party, which was actually attended to by mates lol.....thats something that in the past has never happened.   

So.....ta da......my first hexie

This one was a trial to see how to do it......so now of course Im hooked like everyone else is....and will start on the 180 needed to make the quilt in Vignette.  I'm going to use a jelly roll to make the hexies for that one will show you my progress as everyone else does :)

My second lot of sewing is the stitchery for the front of a mug bag I will make next weekend, when I claim my sewing room back.  The spare bed is in there, so it had to be cleaned off for the best mate to stay, so now I really should get up there and clean, you never know what I might find.

Ohhh and just another little pic

This is No. 2 son and our little princess, when I was married to their Dad, this week was the week from hell when it came to birthdays.  No. 2 is stationed in Vic, where the little princess lives with her mum and dad (my Goddaughter) and its Mum's  birthday today, so he was helping her celebrate.  We had a birthday on the 12th (No. 1 Son), 13th (Dad) 14th (Goddaughter) 15th (friends daughter) 16th (Godson).  Now I just have the 2 lol. 

Well thats enough from me

Happy stitching

Pam xx


  1. OMG...all those birthdays......love the hexie..

  2. Like Peg said- a lot of birthdays to keep track of all in a row like that-like the hexie- I'm sure that you will overtake me with them!!

  3. Hi there well done on your hexie. it looks good, I think a jelly roll is a great option with maybe a solid centre. have fun. STacey

  4. Love your hexie! Sounds like you've been busy!


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