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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Christmas has arrived in our house.....heavy pictures

I washed all my Christmas Quilts today in preparation for putting them up for the festive season, didnt realise how many I had.
His is my Jim Shore Santa and his reindeer, on a table runner I made a few years ago

This is a from a Christine Book pattern

We all have one, the boys and mine were made about 18 years ago and Mel's and his daughter's were made 12 years ago, and the year before last I made 2 for my sons partners.  #2 and his partner are now in their home and theirs to put up there

I hang this one in my office at work

And a few ornaments as well, we live in a Town House so don't have room for a big tree so its a small fibre optic one.

My Jim Shore Nativity Set, I just love his stuff, and I have a bit, had to stop tho dont have anywhere to put it lol...or store it when its not in use.

Well thats enough from me

Happy Stitching

Pam xx


  1. Lots of 'works of art' there Pam...beautiful..

  2. I love all of the christmas quilts and wall hangings. I only have a couple but I have plans for more; I just need to make the time.
    Storing the christmas stuff for the other eleven months can be a problem (one which I had worked out until i bought heaps of new, beautiful, glass ornaments last year).


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