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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Retreat Seat

I finished my Natalie Ross Retreat Seat today, boy its scrappy, more by mistakes than by design lol.......cushion is a bit big but its the only one I had on hand.  I read on someones elses blog that they gave one as a Christmas present and the receiver said it would make a good lap cushion, and I have to agree with that, I usually sit with a basket on my lap with all my things in it but I think I might use this one instead.

 I'm  very curious to see if we get any complaints from the neighbours today......#1 son got a radio for Christmas and it works really nicely in my sewing room.  We found a wonderful station today its called Vintage FM all the songs you grew up with.......DH sang out a couple of times to ask me to be kind and kill the cat I was killing in my sewing room......and I will be very embarrassed if the Office gets any calls complaining of the residents in our house......I will have to tell my young assistant to apologise for her boss......and tell them she has gone mad and is just on holidays till Monday, and please try to put up with the noise.......lol...(My main office manages most of the Town Houses in the complex I live in including mine, and seeing I'm the boss of the property management department you'd think I'd know better lol)  Oh well.....whatever will be will be.

I have one more thing to finish before I go back to work, a quilt I've had the fabric for for a few months, just hope I get to it.  I have more embroidery to do.

That's enough from me

Happy stitching

Pam xx


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