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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Opera House

My dear Daughter In Law to be does Physical Culture and last night was the culmination of their competition year with the Grand Final at the Opera House.  Fly boy is away at the moment, so I got to go and watch her.  She made it to the top 15 in Australia, which is no mean feet.  Unfortunately she didn't take a place but was very beautiful to watch.

This was her before it all started, she is very committed, practicing every night, 3 teaches 3 nights a week and takes her own class as well.  Well done Leesa, very proud of you :)

I have been sewing, a lot of embroidery, finishing a scarf, secret sewing, tracing more and trying to get ready for my cruise. I will come back tonight and put on photos, I cant find my connection.

Well that's enough from me

Happy Stitching

Pam xx


  1. Congrats to your DIL... she did very well! Lovely proud memory for you too! :)

  2. You're a good MIL to be. :) What a great photo, too. Congrats to her. A cruise, how exciting!

  3. Congratulations to yur DIL.. What a great achievment to made the top 15..

  4. Well done to your very gorgeous DIL Pam...she has done well...

  5. My DD and DIL are both ex Physie Girls so I know what it's like ..I loved it and hoping my little Grandie will follow...Congratulations to your DIL it takes a lotto get this far.


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