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Saturday, 8 June 2013


Last nights Friday Nights with Friends ended up the same way as the last two, come home have dinner sit down to sew and go to sleep, so nothing was achieved.  But I did get some sewing done today so with the northern hemisphere still in yesterday I did some sewing with them

This is my Fig 'n Berry project folder, I finished that for FNWF.

Below is my sewing basket also a Fig 'n Berry project along with the small cutting board holder below.  I have really enjoyed making these projects which all match.  Thanks Lisa for designing them.

Tomorrow I am heading off the the  BFF's for our monthly GDICN sewing day.  I have decided not to go to the Quilt Show next weekend, too much happening at the moment, and seeing I'm going away in July to do workshop with Gail Pan, Natalie Lymer and Leanne Beasley I would rather have more money to spend while I'm in Melbourne.  I might also be buying my Mother of the Groom dress while i'm there so will need all the cash I can muster lol

Well that's enough from me

Happy stitching.

Pam xx

PS will pop in tomorrow after our sewing day


  1. pretty blue projects Pam.

  2. Lovely finishes..they look good in blue..enjoy your stitching day..

  3. Such gorgeous work, i love the colors that you have used.

  4. Lovely projects...lots happening Pam, sound exciting..

  5. Hi Pam, gorgeous sewing there... and what a prospect, going to the event with Leanne, Gail & Natalie... Have a great stitching day with BF

  6. So lovely Pam, you do such beautiful work :-)

  7. Your projects are lovely...hope you had a great day with your friends.


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