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Friday, 29 November 2013


So here we are at the end of another month and nothing to show for it..........but actually there is but I just cant reveal it. Ohh well stay tuned :)

We have had a hectic week in the family, making wedding invites.....hey Peg does that count to OPAM???? 73 wedding invites where made and send out this week

Not a very good picture but there they are in my car ready to be posted off.

Also last week I met a new friend, someone I have been chatting to for a while, we share a lot of interests, we traveled to meet her and her hubby last weekend and had a great time, and look forward to many more lunches and picnics.

Well seeing I cant show you any projects, I guess I will sign off

So that's enough from me

Happy Stitching

Pam xx


  1. HI Pam - well I reckon that the wedding invitations do indeed count towards OPAM... after all, they are crafty and they are finished!
    How wonderful to meet a new friend in person, lovely pic!

  2. Yes I agree with Anthea..re the invites and how wonderful to spend time with a new friend.

  3. Well not sure...what Anthea is saying is correct....very exciting time coming up....great photo...


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