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Saturday, 21 May 2011

I've had a revalation!

My son is home from University this weekend for some sort of Zombie walk? and I realised that he is turning 25 this year, so this is my 20th year quilting.

I've also decided that it doesnt matter if anyone reads this blog, its kinda cathartic, now all I have to do is get on with some ufo's which I seem to have coming out my ears! lol.

So I'm starting today, I have been making a Janelle Wind Collection bag, thats the first thing I will tick off my list, I have a Bonwyn Hayes stitchers mat ready to put together and maybe I should start off my list and tick it off. 

I also need to work out patterns for my sons for quilts, they are both living away from home in cold areas, and need new ones. 

Anyway its Saturday morning I don't have to go to work, its early and I have plans lol.

Talk soon :)


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