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Saturday, 21 May 2011

2 down 750 million to go :)

I've had a productive day, 2 ufo's finished and what seems like 750 million to go.  First off the block is my Janelle Wind Bag, 4 stitchery pockets on a great bag, then my sew and go bag I think its called, 6 stitchery pockets on a huge bag.  I made this one last year but wasnt happy with it in the end, so of course I remade it lol.  So tonight we are having home made veggie soup and while the man is watching (read that as yelling at) the football, I will take the binding off my arm chair caddy, so I can recut it tomorrow and resew it.  I have a new ruler and mat, binding was supposed to be 2.5 inches, cant read the ruler to good, ended up cutting it some size but it wasnt 2.5, sewed it all on to hard to turn, so off it comes and fix up tomorrow.  Ross hasnt returned yet from his Zombie walk hope they didnt get him lol.

Will post photos tomorrow when I finish my weekend sewing :)


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