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Friday, 3 June 2011

Friday night....weekend on the way

What a long week, the office at work flooded with all this rain and its smells like something is rotten.  Carpet is ruined, and it looks like I will have to move to another office, carpet needs to be pulled up and new stuff put down :(

Never mind, I have a great week with lovely things arriving this week. My honey bun jelly rolls arrived yesterday.  I have just discovered all thes Moda pre cuts.  Thats what happens when you dont get time to go to class any more or to a guild, really miss all that.  I will be making myself a kindle case for my kindle of course lol....and after alot of talk through the week about mobile phones, I will probably make myself a phone cover as well.  I'm one of those women who stuff their phone down their bra, especially when im wandering round properties doing inspections, usually dont take the bag out, just the keys and the license is stuffed in the bra as well.  Not after this weekend.

I also found a great pattern for a dilly bag on the Moda Bake Shop site.  As well as a camera bag.  Ohh Im just getting deeper and deeper in doo doo lol

My favourite online shop Patchworks Plus also delivered some lovely things this week.  I fell in love with the quilt on the front cover of the new Homespun Magazine and of course I just have to make that, so from Sarah I purchased Breakfast at Tiffany's layer cake along with some yardage, which I'm hoping to get a start on when Im on holidays in 2 weeks. 

So whilst the man is watching (read that as yelling at) the footy tonight I'm going to get a start on my Kindle cover and see how far I get.  Promise to put up pics....even if I show them to myself lol.

Happy sewing

Pam xx


  1. Everyone seems to love their kindle! Love the stitchery bag from one of your earlier posts! So glad I get to be your first follower,...welcome to the blogging world!


  2. I think the same yelling was happening at our house. Sounds like some lovely fabrics are coming your way. Good luck with the projects.


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