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Monday, 6 June 2011

Weekend Sewing

Well I didnt quite achieve what I wanted to do, but I did get some work done.

My Kindle cover made from a Moda Jellyroll with a pattern found at the Moda Bake Shop.  Really easy to make and fits the Kindle in great.

And my Janelle Wind Collection camera bag, only thing thats different with my bag is I dont have an applique of a camera on it.  It was also made with the same Jellyroll's.  Very easy and roomy.  Love it and will probably make some more as gifts.  I decided to use my peg board in my sewing room to take the pic, which worked good.

We have a long weekend this weekend being the Queen's Birthday so 3 days with sewing, and it will be the first time since No. 2 son enlisted in January that both the boys have been home at the same time.  No. 1 son is studying nursing up in Bathurst and No. 2 son is in Victoria doing his core training. 

I'm trying to workout how to put in a gallery of all the things I've made so when I work that out maybe you would like to browse through it :)                                                                

Oh and I have my first followers sisters Donna and Dianna, (I hope I have that right!)  so happy to have you :)  I hope you find some of my prattle amusing!

Hope you have a good week

Pam :)


  1. You may not have gotten everything that you wanted to do done, but what you did looks great! Moda Bake Shop is wonderful, isn't it! How nice that your boys were able to be home together!


  2. I love your Kindle cover. It is so bright (I have to do things bright or I tend to lose them!!). I love the mitred corners on your binding; I really must learn how to do that.


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