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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Lovely things arrive in the mail

Started off the day running late, (I hear my offsider say so what else is new!) went to get the mail, parked in a different place than usual at the post office, got the mail and ohhh there is a parcel for me :)  Not paying attention (seem to be doing an awful lot of that lately) and walk to the car on auto pilot.....you guessed it its not parked where it usually is.....duh!!!!!! Great start to the day lol.

Anyway this is what I received from my most favourite Patchwork Shop, thanks Sarah 

So I have some work to do :)  

I also promised you some photos of Supanova of a few weeks ago so here they are


No, 1 and Girlfriend

The crew
This is No. 1 son and the group he is associated with and don't worry all the guns are plastic.  This is from a game and movie Resident Evil.  They have great fun, often appear at the premiers of movies and new release games and raising money for the Cancer Council.   They are getting ready for Relay for Life, which will be a good excuse to have some fun.  We have all sorts of costumes at home, Star Wars, Anime just to name a few, and he has a great time and has made some wonderful friends.

And this me me lol....I went dressed up as a Lab Technician also from Resident Evil and couldn't resist getting a pic taken with Capn Jack Sparrow lol 

Well enough from me, happy stitching

Pam xx


  1. Your goodies look lovely; i bet you will have fun with them. The table runner looks so nice; have fun with all the sewing.
    As fro Capt'n jack; I would get a photo with him too!!!!

  2. Sarah has a great shop...I just ordered some things off her too!!! I like the look of the crew ha ha!!! Dzintra

  3. PAM! I see you know my sweet friend Dzintra! WOW what a crew indeed of MEN ON A MISSION! You are a quilter, I see! I love this craft, but these days I am drawing and writing. SO NICE OF YOU TO VISIT ME! Please, DO COME BACK AGAIN!!! Anita

  4. Hi there Pam you have totally won my blog giveaway Paris Bag. So contact me so i can send you off to the post office once more. congrats... Stacey


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