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Monday, 4 July 2011

New project

Well what a dope am I?  I finished a lovely stitchery on Friday night all ready to add the borders.  I was trimming it back to the right size, not watching what I was doing and ended up trimming the wrong side and cutting it to close to the stitching and now cant finish it.   So after throwing a tanti, and calling myself for everything I ended up making this little bag from left overs from my Big Bag Theory.   Now thank heavens I had the sense to photocopy the pattern (it was a pre printed stitchery) before I started stitching it, I can now reproduce it on some calico and make it again.  It was the Birdhouse Making Spirits Bright, and it looked really good.  Before I started it I put it on the photocopier and my partner at crime asked why I was doing it, and I said you just never know when I might want to make it again.

Went together really easy, tho I couldn't make head nor tail of the lining.  Menopause leaves a lot to be desired.  My brain goes on holidays all the time, and leaves me sitting staring at stuff.  lol

Saturday night saw us at my God-daughters daughters' 1st birthday party and her baby naming ceremony.  
No. 1 son and the little princes
Her mum and dad live in Melbourne so we don't see them very much.  She is just lovely and just like here mum.  We had a great visit with them and her parents and family.

No. 1 son heads back to University this weekend after his holiday, I will miss him, hes been fun to have around.  

Well that's enough from me.  

Have a great week, happy stitching



  1. Hi Pam, noticed you are following my blog so thought I would check yours out. You poor thing trimming your stitching too close. Surely you can still use what you have done ii some way even if not how you originally planned. Love your little bag though.

  2. Oh, Pam, I know how you feel! I think we've all done something like this so don't beat yourself up! At least you made a copy of it! What a cute little Princess!


  3. Pam that sounds like something I would do. So glad you at least made a copy I probably would not thought to do that. It is so nice to meet. I am so glad you came to visit. Hope we can visit often. I just became your newest follower. I just love your blog and sense of humor.


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