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Friday, 9 March 2012

Another no sew week

We have had a hard week this week in our household.  Some kind readers may know my darling Mum has Alzheimers and is in a nursing home on the Central Coast.  On Feb 29, her BFF for over 60 years passed after a long battle suffering a stroke 3 1/2 years ago which left her unable to talk, walk and eat.  Mum visited Aunty Flo when she was able, but always knew what was going on via her daughter Margaret.  Aunty Flo was laid to rest this week on Wednesday, and it was with heavy heart that I attended her funeral on behalf of Mum.  Mum met Flo on Flo's honeymoon and the two couples became firm friends.  Flo had 3 daughters and Mum 2.  We grew up as cousins, and spent a lot of time together.  Margaret and I look alike while Lynette and Denise look like my sister Karen.  Aunty Flo's marriage broke down in the 70's and my Dad passed in 1984, and Mum and Flo had each other.  They were really great pals, and did alot of things together, and of course they were included in each other family's lives, weddings, christenings, grand children, and in Flo's case Great Grandchildren.

Mum in pink, #2 son the flyboy and acting father of the bride,  Aunty Flo in Orange and black, at our wedding in 2003

Another shot with us

Aunty Flo reached the grand age of 96, nine years older than Mum.  Mum is holding up, devastated, as can be expected.  Aunty Flo will be sadly missed.

#2 Son and partner have been sitting on tenterhooks as they are on the other side of the river at North Richmond, he was sent home again this morning, in case the bridge is closed again with rising waters, #1 Son's girlfriend was cut off in Bathurst, but he was able to get back to Uni, this week, so hectic  times for them.  And we wont go into what's happening at work with me......being a property manager, we are flooding everywhere.

I haven't done a great deal, but have been knitting a cardigan. I promise that I will have sewing pics next week

That's enough from me

Happy sewing

Pam xx

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