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Monday, 12 March 2012

My swap

I can now reveal my swap in the Name Game Swap sponsored by Sameliasmum which was fun.  Thanks again for organising it.

I found out today that my partner received her quilt last week and loves it

 The brief I got with sign up was that Heather wanted a saying, as she didnt have a blog, and loves oranges.  Well orange is not one of my colours, and not being able to see what sort of things she liked was way out of my comfort zone.  So, I bit the bullet and this is what came from it, I'm happy with it and Heather likes it so thats the main thing.
This is my latest jumper, finished, but unfortunately it doesn't fit :( so now I will have to find someone who can make use of it.

Well thats enough from me

Happy stitching

Pam xx

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