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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Happy Birthday Mum

Yesterday we had a lovely time up with Mum, my sister, her husband and their new puppy Holly, celebrating Mum's 87th birthday which is tomorrow.  My sister prepared a lovely meal, bbq, potato bake, salad, pear brie walnut and rocket salad, and the birthday cake to die for.  Chocolate mud cake but the icing ohhhhh chocolate coma, lol.....not to mention the husband's sugar levels this morning because of a small piece.

Was nice for us all to be together, doesn't happen often, and their new puppy is just lovely, she's an 18 weeks old lab with a wonderful temperament which is good as she will be my bother in laws companion dog as he has MS.

I also had a finish today, turned my One Wee Home a free pattern from Cinderberry Stitches into another block holder

Back to work tomorrow

That's enough from me

Happy Stitching

Pam xx


  1. Happy Birthday to your mum Pam...gorgeous block holder..

  2. How big is your block holder? Looks great! :)


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