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Friday, 13 April 2012

Last day of holidays

Well its back to work for me on Monday, the last 4 days have flown, not sure if I recharged my batteries, but at least it was a break.

Tomorrow we are heading up to the central coast, dear Mum is having a birthday on Monday and hubby, #1 son, flyboy and me are venturing up to celebrate with my sister and her husband and their new dog.

I did get a few finishes

My sewing bag from Some Kind of Wonderful, frustrated the living daylights out of me, but I got it to work.  Now to make the needle case and I will have the set.

Natalie Ross' Istitch for an I pad.......modified to fit my Samsung Galaxy, which is a little longer that the I Pad, which by the way I didn't discover till it was finished.  Unpicked the bottom, lengthened the cream and sewed it back up again. 

Ohh and I also knitted one of those twirley scarfs, no picture tho, looks good.

Well that's enough from me

Happy stitching

Pam xx


  1. well worth the frustrations of the little bag..........it is beautiful.........

  2. Love the end result so the frustration I think woud have been worth it? :) Barb

  3. Replies
    1. I like the pinky winky bag. How did you do the embroidery stuff- it looks complicated?

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