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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Wounded warrior quilt

I had a lovely time today at Penrith Patchwork with Jan-Maree and Judith for our first sewing day for the Aussie Hero Quilts cause.  I'm sure that Jan-Maree will fill you all in on our quilting.  Whilst we were happily quilting in Penrith there were alot of ladies quilting in Berry and a number of quilts were finished today.

I got my quilt, will post a pic later on, pinned and quilted today and Jan offered to put the binding on it for me and I graciously declined her offer.  As this quilt is to become a Wounded Warrior Quilt, which is a quilt that will accompany a wounded soldier on his way to the hospital, I felt that as the Mother of a Serving Member that I wanted to put every stitch in this quilt from start to finish and finish it off as a mother would to her son or daughter.  I found myself meditating on each of the stitches that I sewed into the binding hoping that my son would never have to be a recipient of one of these quilts.  Whilst I will happily have one of the Aussie Hero Quilts send to him on his eventual deployment, this sort of quilt I would wish that no one received.  But in saying that I am very honored and humbled in the knowledge that this will in some way comfort a very special person.

My very humble thoughts



  1. very special quilts.xx

  2. Pam thanks sharing an issue that's so close to your heart. Your thoughtfulness & generosity will not go unrewarded.


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