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Thursday, 25 April 2013


This morning was spent with Flyboy at the Dawn Ceremony in Richmond, then breakfast, before he went on to the march in Sydney.  Here he is in his dress uniform proudly wearing his newly acquired Great Grandfathers Medals (refer to post here

This one was taken just before he left.  I told him to make sure he got in a place we could see him.....text message....I'm in the 2nd last row.....a few minutes later.....now the last row of his unit.  As he passed by the camera his eyes moved so we could see him.......Mum is sitting in the loungeroom screaming.....here he is......now we hope he doesnt get into trouble for not having eyes front!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One very proud Mum.

Well thats enough from me

Happy stitching (I have been doing some, will show you over the weekend)

Pam xx


  1. You must be so proud Pam.........he looks great.......

  2. Oh Pam....you must have been 'bursting',,,,

  3. There's nothing more beautiful than a proud face! Anzac Day is always a very important day for me as well, respecting my late Father's service.

  4. He looks very smart in his uniform and with his Great Grandfather's medals. It is always a proud moment to see our family members marching isnt it (or any ceremonies they take part in). You may need to block anonymous comments on your blog, they dont look genuine.


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