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Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Sunday saw GDICN (Girls Day in Chipping Norton) for BFF Rhonda and myself, something we do each month, our homework was to get everything ready to put our Red Brolly Angel Apron's together.  All things got going and then a phone call from the alarm company telling me that the alarm was going off at the office, in the car, 20 minutes up the road, check out the office, nothing wrong, rearm the office, lock up the two sets of gates, get 500 m down the road, alarm company rings again, the office didnt rearm, turn the car around, park out the front, thank heavens for my remote armed the office......again, called in to make sure, 20 minutes back to Rhonda's, sit down at the table, take a sip of my drink cause it was hot.....and guess what.....phone goes off again........there is an intrusion in the reception area again!!!!!  Told them not going back will call in on the way home and try to get back to sewing lol....very embarrassing....the intruder was a spider!!! All good again.

Apron I'm the one with the glasses, Anthea is the one closest to the cakes Rhonda is the one on the right of the tea pot.         


All I had to finish was put the waist band on and the straps, and finished it tonight.  So thank heavens I got a finish for the month, just been so busy, with Rebecca my secretary having her beautiful baby, and being in the office mostly on my own.  I have done a fair bit of embroidery, just nothing else finished. 

Well that's enough from me

Happy stitching

Pam xx



  1. wow pam this is awesome well done on a beautiful finish.xx

  2. What a great apron Pam!! I don't know if it's a good thing that I am the lady closest to the cakes, perhaps it's me because she is doing some stitching, lol...
    Must have been a huge-o spider to set off the alarm x

  3. Love it! Too pretty to use though!!

  4. Your apron is splendid !!

  5. Pretty apron, love the ladies. Wonderful finish.

  6. Love your beautiful embroidered apron Pam.

  7. The apron is so lovely Pam. I hope you have no more spiders in the office.


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