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Sunday, 5 May 2013


Well my FNWF didn't happen, unfortunately I had a really bad attack of vertigo in the office Friday afternoon, and still not really sure how I managed to get home (yes I know foolish being behind the wheel) so took medication to stop the nauseousness and promptly went to sleep and woke up when it was time to go to bed.  So thanks to Cheryll for hosting again......maybe next month I'll get to participate. 

Feeling better on Saturday afternoon, I decided again that someone would be sewing somewhere in the world, I would sew with them.  This is what I finished

And if it is ok, this is my projects for FNWF, as I had intended to finish these two items on Friday.  This is a Rosalie Qunilan design the bucket and needle case.  I made it in Tilda and linen, and I really enjoyed making this, a very big embroidery and I used Cottage Garden Threads which are a joy to use.

Today I also had another finish with something that was started at the retreat I went to in Katoomba last year, this is a Fig N Berry sewing bag, needle case and pin cushion.  Lisa designed it for our class and it was lovely to make

Now dear readers I have a request for you please, No. #1 Son has a job interview on Friday for his last 6 months at Uni as an AIN in one of the hospitals near uni, please ask whomever you believe in to help him gain this job, he has been unemployed for 5 years, has been at Uni for the past 3 years, took him awhile to find his feet, he is high functioning asperges and this will go along way to helping him gain employment when he has finished his degree.  Thank you for your thoughts.

Well that's enough from me.

Happy Stitching

Pam xx


  1. Oh you poor girl Pam...glad you have recovered. Lovely stitching on all your projects. I am sure the girls in the Northern hemisphere were happy to have you stitching along with them. Sending lots of good wishes to your son for a successful interview.
    Hugs xx

  2. Love the projects in your post. Prayers and positive thoughts for your sons interview.xx

  3. Pam i pray for your son that he will get this job and fingers also crossed for you all.Lots of lovely sewing there Pam and i hope you are feeling better soon.xx

  4. Good vibes being sent your way! Love the projects you did at FnwF as it doesn't matter when it matters that you did!

  5. Oh so glad the meds worked and you are back on the ground! Gorgeous work on the basket et al, and bag et al. Best wishes and thoughts etc

  6. Massive lot of postive vibes from me as well Pam....love those projects...

  7. Lovely projects Pam. I've made Rosalie's sewing caddy. It certainly is a bit stitchery!

  8. Pam, I do send my best prayers for Son, not an easy path for him, or for you xxxx
    I love the completed Rosalie items, Tilda fabrics sure are popular at the moment. Very lovely stitching.
    I hope no more vertigo now, must have been scary, take care x


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