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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Couch caddy finished


Well binding taken off, recut and resewn, all finished.  I enjoyed making this one, a bit of embroidery and now I have something to put over the arm of our new lounge.  Trying to decide what to finish next, only problem is I'm trying hard not to think of what I want to start next lol......just received some lovely fabric, some charm squares to make a bag, and a few patterns. 

My mum turned 86 a few weeks ago and for her birthday her cousin sent her a wonderful bag she had made....now I didnt know that I had a cousin that quilted.  So of course I had to ring her and ask for the pattern.  Havent seen this cousin since I was about 4 years old, but we talked as if we had known each other for along time.  Her Dad was my favourite uncle or should I say he was my favourite Great Uncle, he was also my Mum's favourite.  They sort of grew up together, he was only 14 years older than her.  Anyway I digress Viki sent me a few of her favourite patterns, and I have a few I want to share with her.  So to make this bag I decided on Moda Half Moon Charm Squares, and the bag will be black and white, and of course I purchased them from my favourite online quilting store Patchworks Plus. 

Then this week I got myself a copy of the latest Homespun Mag, which I havent indulged in for ages, but......fell in love with the quilt on the front cover and I just have to make that.  So along with the 750 million things I have upstairs to finish I now have the fixings to make a few more things. 

Now all I have to do is clean out my sewing room, and get it back to the way it was before the boys moved out and all the stuff got shoved into my room, which seems to happen.

We moved into the townhouse 3 years ago, and I got my sewing room, youngest son decided he would live in the garage, that was ok till it got cold so sewing room moved to the garage and he moved into the room.  Then he sort of moved over to his girlfriends, and we got the step daughter come to live with us, that lasted 6 weeks, then the room was empty until I decided to reclaim it. Then son number 1 decided to go to University and son number 2 was accepted into the air force and before I knew it I was an empty nester and it happened in 6 weeks.  Anyway the room needs sorting out which I really should do before I get into any real sewing....but of course sewing will come first.

Also I have found some great patterns for sewing baskets and buckets and things for my desk, so as you can see Im just hopeless....rolf!

I started a quilt when I turned 50, a churn dash in shades of blue, all I have to do is find where I stashed it all when we moved 3 years ago, I think that might be the next thing I finish
so I can use it as a lap quilt, to snuggle under as the weather is getting colder.

Well enough chatter from me tonight, sleep tight all

Pam xxx

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