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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

2 more finishes

What a productive day I have had, after the washing DH was settled into the TV with his new games so he was set for the day, I ventured up to the sewing room for a day of fun :)

First finished was a Gail Pan Pincushion, I then got the needle case and sewing bag cut out, I have the appliqueing to do before I can assemble them and they will be finished. 

Another finish is my Forget Me Not pouch another by Gail Pan.....I seem to be doing alot of her things, but then I like her stuff so much.

I also traced another pin cushion and Marg Low pattern For the Booklover, so I will have alot to do whilst watching tv.

So all in all I am happy with my day.  Off tomorrow to have the day with friends.

Thats enough from me

Happy Stitching

Pam xx


  1. Lovely work Pam..you have had a busy day...I like Gail's patterns too

  2. Lovely Pam...I have just finished the stitchery on the Gail pan design as well...

  3. YOu do lovely stitcheries. I also have Gail's book but yet to do any projects from it.


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